About us

     "MONGOLTAX TMZ" Co., Ltd., established in December 2006, is the first legal entity in Mongolia to provide professional accounting and tax consulting services. Since our establishment, we have been pioneering many things, such as formulating and implementing the first policy and standart procedures, obtaining the right of Mongolia’s first certified tax accountant, and cooperated to adopt law about specialized tax consultants.

    We cooperated with domestic and foreign companies, who are engaged in all sectors of Mongolian economy. During 15 years continuous operation , wu have published a series of preparing financial statement methodological assistance books for accounting major students , comics and cartoons for children’s tax education , a series of books about guide for taxpayers , in cooperation with state administration of taxation , we have published complitation of tax statistics for researchers . For the purpose of providing continuous education for citizens , 5229 specialized trainings , 23147 civil society trainings and 8078 tax and finance trainings were organized within framework of social responsibility.


To be the leading organization in the field of making professional tax consulting services meet international standards …




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Greetings of the founder


Founder - KH.Tungalagmaa

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